We sell seasoned hardwood firewood by the part, half , 3/4 or full load.

Our quality seasoned hardwood logs have been naturally air dried for between 6 to 8 months to reduce the moisture content.

Our seasoned firewood logs have been randomly cut allowing us to deliver the size you require for your log burning stove, open fire or BBQ!

With a moisture content of between 20%-25% you will be able to to burn the logs straight away on delivery.

All of our firewood is sourced from within Spain. Olive or eucalyptus logs are by far the most popular in this area although we stock oak as well but oak does come at a higher price.

We recommend leaving the seasoned logs in a well ventilated log store or on pallets under-cover from any rain or bad weather!

We offer a stacking service so that the seasoned logs can be taken off of the wagon and stacked away in your chosen destination.If you would like to add kindling or firelighters just add this to your order.